Iceland: the gear.

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A potential trip of a lifetime. Somewhere I may never get to go to again and a stunning location that is on most photographers bucket lists. Obviously, the main consideration was what camera gear I was going to take and...........can I take that much?

But while I was constantly trying to figure out what lenses/cameras/types of film I was going to take from around November to April, I also had to think about what clothing and other bits I was going to need to make sure I didn't become a human icicle. Clothing is just a bit of common sense, something that keeps you warm and dry but still allows you to be able to move around easily enough and will be tough enough to cope with you rolling around on the floor to find the best angle for the shot. A fluffy onezie from Primani and a pair of Ugg's was off the list then.

I'll keep this bit short as I'm sure it'll be boring to anyone not planning a similar trip.

Gloves are a major pain in the arse for anyone who needs to use their hands in the cold. When out taking pictures you normally have to choose whether to be able to use your camera controls until your hands go blue or keep them warm in gloves but control your camera like a Panda. There are gloves aimed at photographers but after a lot of internetting I found a company called Sealskinz who make all different types of gloves, including some designed for shooting and sports. I decided to go for for their sports gloves which are waterproof, windproof and have fold back index and thumb fingers. These fold back and stay in place with little magnets inside the material. They were great and perfect for using a camera, keeping my hands warm, dry and wiping my constantly streaming nose while out in the cold. The snot didn't leak through because they were waterproof! Mmm. Attractive.

Trousers were the next thing on my list. When not at work jeans are what's on both my legs. But I knew they weren't ideal for this kind of trip (even though my brother wore them most days and he was fine). If you get soaked jeans take ages to dry so you need to get some trousers designed for outdoors, just like those weird people with walking poles wear. I ended up getting two pairs of Craghoppers, one of which were from the Bear Grylls line as they were in the sale. To be fair I thought they would just be like the others but with a logo on and a few changes but they were much better than the standard Craghoppers, a better fit, tougher material around the knees and bum and much better pockets. I ended up wearing these most of the time I was out and they were perfect. Thanks Bear. What a dude. I also bought a cheap pair of waterproof trousers to go over the top if I needed but luckily I only had to use them a few times. Underneath the Bear trousers I had some thermals from Uni-Qlo and some fleece trousers (that I hastily bought in Primark in Berlin as it was so bloody cold) which was a combination suited the weather for the entire trip.

Polar Buff. I think this was probably the best piece of warm clothing I got. Instead of a scarf I got this windproof fleecy snood. It was great at keeping my neck warm and if I needed to I could pull it up to cover my head as well. It's nice and thin so it doesn't make doing up your jacket awkward and I rarely took it off.

Other than that, thermal top, t-shirt, jumper, a waterproof and some boots. Sorted.

I'll write another post on camera gear soon.


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